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  • Most women are diagnosed with MS in their 20s and 30s, about the time many women are planning to start a family.
  • Even with MS, pregnancy is safe for both mother and unborn child.
  • MS has no effect on pregnancy.
  • There is no increased risk of birth defect, miscarriage, or other pregnancy problems.
  • MS is not directly inherited, so children of parents with MS will only have a minimal increase in risk of getting MS.
  • Symptoms of MS usually stabilize or even improve during pregnancy.
  • Due to muscle weakness, some women cannot push sufficiently during delivery and will require the aid of medical instruments.
  • You should not take interferons or steroids while pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Talk to your doctor about when to stop medications before trying to get pregnant.
  • Although pregnancy does not affect your long-term chance of relapse, 20-40% of women experience a relapse after childbirth, so you should plan for extra rest and assistance.

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    • Yoga
      A small American study involving 16 people with MS found yoga improved balance, coordination and had a good impact on quality of life and other symptoms. Rutgers Yoga and MS - Open Door article (Source: Multiple Sclerosis Trust)

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    • Congratulations to our 3 Cities cycle team
      Congratulations to the five MS Trust supporters who completed the 3 Cities cycle ride last week and cycled almost 350 miles from London to Brussels via Amsterdam! (Source: Multiple Sclerosis Trust)

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