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How do I know if I have MS?

To be sure you have MS, you need a clinical diagnosis from a neurologist. The diagnosis is made based on medical history, symptoms, as well as the results of tests such as MRIs.

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  • Striking a Nerve: Docs Flunk Diagnostics Math
    (MedPage Today) -- Most residents and many attending physicians at a Boston-area teaching hospital failed a simple test of their understanding of positive predictive value for screening tests.
  • Stroke Rounds: Speeding tPA Use, Assuming Consent (CME/CE)
    (MedPage Today) -- This week, JAMA released a theme issue on neurology, which contained several studies related to stroke. They included two studies evaluating ways to improve the speed with which thrombolytic therapy is administered and one looking at whether consent to thrombolytic therapy can be assumed.
  • Hot Topics: High and Low CSF Pressure Headaches
    (MedPage Today) -- How do you diagnose and treat high and low cerebrospinal fluid pressure headaches? Three clinicians provide a primer: lumbar puncture is key to diagnosing both conditions but treatment strategies differ considerably.

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  • Jesus' Last Ride

    Jesus' Last Ride

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    Tossing and turning Jesus tried over and over to go to sleep but he couldn’t shut his mind off. The more he tried to calm himself the faster it raced. Had he done enough? Would his message be remembered? Would the disciples...

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    Don’t cross me it didn’t work the first time

    By Gary Piper 

    Sometimes when Jesus tells us something really significant it doesn’t take root right away but needs time to germinate in the soil of our lives.  You know how I know?  Yup, you’re right it happened to me just today.  It...

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    Chapter One

    In the beginning

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    Author note: I am in the process of revising my book "Intimate Conversations with Jesus" and as I finish revising each chapter I will be posting some of them here. While the conversations are a product of my imagination it is my prayer and...

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  • Marijuana Pills and Spray May Help MS Symptoms

    With Colorado recently legalizing the use of medical marijuana, people love to ask me if I would use it (I think they really want to know if I am currently using it) for my MS symptoms. They are no doubt disappointed when I tell them that I would definitely use...

  • Body Temperature and Multiple Sclerosis Fatigue

    I had no idea that resting body temperature could be different among different groups of people (who did not have an infection, that is). Turns out that it can.

    In this study, researchers took the temperature and tested 40 healthy controls, 50 people with relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS) and 22 people...

  • "MS Guilt" and Summer

    It's getting closer to high season for what I call "MS guilt." That is the guilt that many of us feel when we cannot do everything that we want to and we are convinced that we are disappointing everyone around us.


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  • The Year in Multiple Sclerosis – 2013
    What have we learned this year about MS? Two new medicines. 20 years of modern care. MS is no longer a dread disease. The FDA is working against us. 20 Year Anniversary of Betaseron The more mature among us will recall 1993 with the landmark release of the first disease modifying treatment for MS. Prior […]
  • The biggest MS meeting in the world
    Well, it’s been a busy year, but I have saved up some topics for the blog. ECTRIMS 2013 was a plethora of presentations, many of which were not unexpected, and a few that were a surprise. Lifestyle issues in MS continue to increase in importance for the health and management of the severity of MS.  ITS THE […]
  • We are on pins and needles waiting on new medications for MS!
    Most people know me as a huge cheering fan, but sometimes critical, of the pharmaceutical industry. Yes, I am a fan of capitalism and all the great innovations it produces for us. However, they are regulated by the government, which is in the habit of making us wait a long time. Nevertheless,  this has been […]