1. 4 Reasons Vaping Has Taken Off in Popularity

    Every so often, a new trend bursts onto the scene and is such an immediate force within the cultural zeitgeist that it quickly becomes emblematic of the era. Think of the 1920s, and you think of the Flappers and Philosophers which litter the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Jazz Age Manhattan in which he lived – one overflowing with bootleg liquor. Think of the 1960s, and you think of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, campus protests, music festivals – and heightened marijuana consumption. Think of the world in which we live today, and it’s almost impossible to think of Millennial culture without the faintest whiff of vape – and here are four reasons why. The Dashvapes website may also have more information and resources for you.
  2. 5 Tips for Safely Handling Vaping Liquids

    Most people would agree that vaping is far less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes, and that includes the vape devices that use nicotine. However, that doesn’t mean that they are totally harmless, and it’s possible to mishandle the liquids in a way that causes some damage. People have also had issues with the batteries, but … Continue reading 5 Tips for Safely Handling Vaping Liquids RSS Statement

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