US Campath Distribution Program


The Campath Distribution Program was developed to ensure continued access to Campath® (alemtuzumab) for appropriate patients. Effective September 4, 2012 Campath will no longer be available commercially, but will be provided through the Campath Distribution Program free of charge. In order to receive Campath, the healthcare provider is required to document and comply with certain requirements. Please contact the numbers below to learn more.


Important Contact Information


Campath Distribution Program: 1-877-422-6728


Genzyme Medical Information: 1-800-745-4447 Option #2


Old Info:   

* immunosuppressive medication - powerful

    * rarely used as therapy at first due to their increased risk 

    * risk of autoimmune complications

          * bleeding (ITP) in 2-3 %

          * thyroid dysfunction in about 20%

    * appears more powerful than interferon-beta


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