Alright since I am getting bombarded with questions pertaining to the Indiana law for religious freedom and does or support it, I want to have a onetime say on it. (This is mostly for my Facebook page.) and are Christian organizations. That being said we and myself do not believe homosexuality is right in the eyes of God, but we will not judge or turn anyone away for being gay, transgender, or otherwise not straight. This is a matter for that individual and God to hash out. MSC, NSM, and I are not going to judge or debate that matter. If asked I will give my opinion as I feel I have a right to do.

All these so called Christian’s that are judging need to take a step back and re-evaluate their position as well in our opinion. Stating an opinion is one thing but acting on something we were never told to do in the Bible, (the fulfilled law and commandments set forth by the New Testament, and Old Testament as fulfilled or brought forward with the teachings of the New Testament Church), is a line that we are not willing to cross. Unless there is a new prophet out there that I don’t know about, (yes that is sarcasm), judging others before taking the plank out of your own eye is just plain folly.

Addressing religious people either of the Christian faith or others remember you live in a country with freedoms that extend to even those not of a faith. I cannot and will not express an opinion to faiths that are not Christian on the matter. To Christian’s remember you cannot expect others that are not Christian to hold the same values and beliefs Christian’s do. Most of the time most Christian’s cannot agree on what those values and beliefs are any way.

To those supporting the law in Indiana if you are going to support it do it consistently at least. Check on your suppliers and other aspects of your business and follow suit with them as well. Being on the fence by choosing to take products, supplies, and monies from those that do support gay rights puts you on the fence, and remember how Jesus felt about that. Example for all you to take to heart, can you justify accepting Visa card even though they have programs that help support gay rights? Yes I can back up the claim, check out this link: And just to make sure no one is reading this the wrong way I have no opinion one way or the other on this as we daily have to choose how we will live our lives and please re-read the above statement.

Addressing non-believers or however you want to be called, perceived or titled, the freedoms I spoke about to religious people also are for everyone. Too many times it seems just because someone believes differently from yourself it is seen as “wrong”. Can we just agree to disagree and move on with our lives? I have friends who are of many different faiths, no affiliations with religion, and race-sex-sexual orientation-or a million other masks. I would hate to lose friends because of an opinion or belief.

Yes this message probably will not win me friends or influence anyone but why the heck should I care. It is not changing my life or beliefs. Accept it, choke on it, or laugh at it.



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